Tuesday, July 23, 2019

I Never Thought That THIS Would Make Me Happy... Or, How I Came to Love a Certain Boy Band

About time I posted on here again, huh?

I've been keeping the following to myself because I consider it a private, personal situation for me and am a bit hesitant to admit to this, but I also feel compelled to blog and share about it as well.

There are some inner issues that I am working through, feeling extra nervous, depressed, or overwhelmed about things lately. It was my 2019 New Year's resolution to overcome this, and it had gotten better in January, but I still found it trickling over a bit, for nobody changes overnight.

However, I noticed that in late January, I had become a lot calmer. I felt happier, and although I still have certain fears, anxieties, and doldrums, they no longer plague my mind anymore as much as they once did and I function better. I didn't understand why at first, but I definitely welcomed my new sense of self.

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

All Good Things Must Come to an End on "The Masked Singer"

Well, Team #RabbitMask, we fought the good fight, but our friend The Rabbit was unmasked tonight on "The Masked Singer."

I'm so upset, man! I thought he had what it took to win the whole thing! I thought he and the Lion were going to be the final two, and SHE was unmasked tonight too!

Meh. Oh well. I mean, I was looking forward to finally seeing who he is. lol


Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Why the Rabbit is the Best Part of FOX's "The Masked Singer"

OMG, you guys! We HAVE to talk about FOX's "The Masked Singer"!!! LOL!

I think this is the stupidest show I have ever liked. And considering the stupid stuff I've liked in the past, particularly delivered by FOX, that's saying something. LOL

I was looking forward to the show when I saw commercials for it, finding it intriguing enough to want to check out, but I didn't think I was going to like it as much as I do. lol

I then realized that I like it because it combines two of my favorite entertainment elements: performance and mystery.

Based on South Korea's "The King of the Masked Singer," the premise is that celebrities dress up in these amazing outlandish costumes designed by Marina Toybina and perform musical numbers for a celebrity panel consisting of Robin Thicke, Jenny McCarthy, Ken Jeong, and Nicole Scherzinger, and host Nick Cannon. Everyone then has to guess who the celebrity is behind the mask.

Premiering January 2, the concept is such simple, mindless, creative, unique fun that, considering how 2018 was for me, it is a totally welcome treat to kick off 2019.

From the Rabbit's own Instagram account! LOL!
My favorite is BY FAR the Rabbit. Or rather, the deranged demonic rabbit with red eyes wearing a straitjacket. I'm definitely not alone here. The Rabbit has quite the following. #TeamRabbit Unite!

People have a handful of guesses about his identity, but the overall consensus is that that he is an *NSYNC member, particularly Joey Fatone or JC Chasez. This alone makes me excited about him because if he is indeed a member of a 90s boy band, that makes me nostalgic.

However, Fatone, the most popular and reasonable guess, has insisted on and on again that he is not the voice behind the Rabbit in multiple interviews while trying to promote his new upcoming game show "Common Knowledge." A part of me is thinking that he's just saying that to screw with everyone, even though he seems pretty adamant about it. LOL Out of every celebrity possibility, Fatone's personality seems to fit the Rabbit the most.

This all being said, however, I've decided to take Fatone's word for it just in case and go back to the drawing board to make my own guesses, and my conclusion is this: This Rabbit is driving me crazy.

It's so frustrating because I know his voice so well but I can't place his face or his name! I've been trying to figure this out for weeks! :-P

Yes, I know that this is a dumb thing to stress out over, but it's pretty amazing how people get so passionate about it! It's not hard to get invested! 

So here are my reasons for favoring the Rabbit, which are pretty much the same reasons everyone else has. lol

1) He gets into character.

Nobody really acknowledges this as much, though it has been mentioned a few times briefly, but I think it is very possible that he was on Broadway or does voice overs, and that's how I would know him. If you notice in his second clue package, he hides behind a red theater curtain.

He says that he has been on stage for most of his life but he was never alone, but this doesn't always have to mean in a band, even though he said he was in one and I'm not doubting that he was. Being on stage with a bunch of people could also mean being in a theater production, which is pretty evident with how he carries himself. He walks onto the stage twitching, then launches into theatrical performances of Ricky Martin's "Livin La Vida Loca" and Avicii's "Wake Me Up." The production quality of his performances are also pretty top notch, complete with some cool sets and effects and him dancing. After his numbers, he still doesn't break character. I think he might be an actor who then decided to pursue a music career.

Another thing is, he fully embraces the identity of the Rabbit, not really acknowledging that he is human under the mask. While his fellow contestants explain why they chose their specific characters, this guy straight up says, "I AM THE RABBIT" and refers to his younger self as a "little bunny" and "young cottontail." It's the cutest thing!

I love rabbits too, so that's a plus. lol

2) He gets so pumped.

His attitude is amazing! :D Even without his facial expressions, you can still tell that he is having the time of his life on this show.

The Rabbit prepares a fighting stance and is all like "Let's do this." when Cannon asks him if he's ready. He's clearly pretty youthful and experienced with this. He's got a certain suaveness and swagger, sassiness, sense of humor, and I really appreciate his competitive streak and energy. He puts on a fun, entertaining show every time with so much personality, even when the panel is talking to him. I mean, he puts his arm around Cannon as they deliberate and reacts accordingly to their comments. No other contestant does that.

3) I love his voice!

So when these celebrities talk, their voices get distorted, making them sound like the Chipmunks. The only time we hear their actual voices is when they sing and we're supposed to guess who they are based on that alone along with the clues that they provide. When he in particular talks when giving his clues, he almost does sound like how a rabbit would speak. I also love his laugh in the Rabbit voice too. He keeps doing it more and more! lol!

But then you hear him sing and it's like, "OK, Rabbit. I see you." as you fan yourself (i.e. He's got a hot voice!). In addition, he's just such a great singer in general. He hits notes beautifully.

I definitely know who he is, but I just can't put my finger on it. The funny thing is that I feel like I've heard him perform not too long ago or I might be a fan of his already. Nevertheless, this show is actually making me a fan of him now. I'm looking forward to them unveiling who he is so I can look up more of his work. It should be interesting to see. I just hope that he is a celebrity that I actually like! LOL

But perhaps that is the beauty of this show. Appreciating a celebrity you may not have considered before for his or her hidden talents.

I wouldn't mind seeing this guy perform live. I was thinking that it would be interesting to see him, the Lion, the Peacock, the Bee, and the Monster all on tour together in their costumes.

In fact, those are the contestants I'm thinking are going to be in the finals. I'm hoping that the Rabbit lasts long on the show so I can continue to do some sleuthing. I want to figure it out before they reveal it! But then again, them revealing it sooner will put me out of my misery! LOL

Sunday, January 13, 2019

A Perfect Christmas List Movie Review

I didn't want a whole year to go by before I shared this, so here is a review of my favorite Christmas movie this year!

Well, technically today is final day of the Christmas season for us, given that it is the Baptism of the Lord, so it's not too late after all! :D

So as you know, this Christmas season I've made it a point to watch as many cheesy Christmas movies as I can and have done so thanks to ION and ION Life. A Perfect Christmas List (2014), directed by Fred Olen Ray (who actually directs a number of these types of films), was playing back to back practically daily and I always found myself watching it every time, pretty much having it memorized by now. 

Ellen Hollman plays Sara Edwin, a children's book writer who has come home for Christmas because her grandmother Evie, played by "Happy Days" star and now retired actress Marion Ross, has taken a fall and sprained her ankle. Sara often keeps a distance between herself and her family because she has a tough relationship with her slightly overbearing and judgmental mother Michelle, played by Beth Broderick, who constantly pushed Sara and believes that she could have gone onto greater things had she gone to Harvard. Michelle overhears Evie talking with her doctor but mishears the conversation, believing that her mother is dying when really she is just moving out of her condo into a suite at the country club. It's one of those comedy of errors things. Think "Three's Company." 

Evie convinces Michelle and Sara to engage in a Christmas list, which is suggested to be inspired by one of Sara's previous books, to make this holiday a perfect one and to secretly reunite the constantly feuding mother and daughter. Michelle is happy to oblige to please Evie because she believes that her mother won't be around for another Christmas.

Part of the reason why I love this one so much is the cast, particular Sara's parents who bring me back to the 90s. Beth Broderick is best known as Aunt Zelda from "Sabrina the Teenage Witch" while Richard Karn, best known as Al Borland from "Home Improvement" and the host of "Family Feud," plays Sara's dad and Michelle's husband Tim.

As sweet as the story is, there is also plenty of corn and cheese served up in it as well. Here is a fun list of observations I have made about this film after multiple viewings. :) There are some spoilers in this post, so you have been warned!

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Cheers to New Beginnings 2019!

Happy New Year and Happy Anniversary to Taking it One Stef at a Time! :D

I'm excited about 2019. 2018 was somewhat of a difficult year for myself and my family, but a lot of good things happened too. I'm excited to see what this brand new year of new beginnings has to offer. I anticipate a lot more good things. The future is open and bright.

Oftentimes when I think of new beginnings, especially the new year, I feel like it's often a need to make an automatic switch to be a new person. However, I have to keep in mind that improving myself is a process and an ongoing project. Changes don't happen overnight. But it is a brand new year and I am excited to see what new experiences and successes I can accomplish. I am blessed to have gotten this far in life and I'm looking forward to what's next.

I'm also looking forward to contributing more to this blog again, depending on what I want to do with this blog further. I think I've been doing pretty good so far even though I was kind of on hiatus for a bit back there LOL. This month is also a great time to kick off my series of blog posts detailing my life lessons throughout my first ten years of adulthood so I hope to start sharing those soon. I think they're probably ready. I just have to tweak them all a little bit but I'll be hopefully sharing the little by little. Maybe I'll also resume other things as well, like my YouTube channel and podcasts. I haven't posted on them in like a year so I'm not sure if I'm going to return to that or not but we'll see.

It's nice to have a clean slate and to try to have a more positive outlook with less concerns and needless worries than before. I enjoy incorporating this mindset. I feel good and have good feelings about this new year. I have a list of resolutions that I'm planning too so I'm hoping I can keep up this momentum.

Once again, happy New Year to you all! Let's make this a fantastic one! :-)

-Stef :)