Monday, June 9, 2014

Thoughts on Eric Hill's "The Bachelorette" Departure

I didn't really want to dedicate a whole blog post to this, but I need to rant extending beyond my tweets and I don't feel like making this into a video.

Eric Hill was right and Andi Dorfman was wrong. Deal.

This show has a history of people not being sincere because the cameras are on, or they're not there for the right reasons. :P That latter one is typical. There's always SOMEONE accused of that. It never fails.

Anyway, if the Bachelor/Bachelorette in question is guilty of the same, then the contestants have just as much right to call him or her out on it. This is what Eric did by saying to Andi that she has a poker face and comes across like a TV actress. In other words, he felt that she wasn't being real with him. She responded by lashing out at him.

If a guy with whom I am developing a relationship sees something that needs discussing, I would WANT him to bring it up to me. In fact, I'd be grateful to have such an honest man wanting me. I don't want him to just kiss my butt like these bachelors tend to do. Discussing certain issues is how relationships work and Eric was one of the few people on the show who has been realistic. But sorry, the show wants things to just fit its specific mold of perfection and drama. It's a fairy tale, which is part of the show's appeal anyway.

Seeing the coming attractions during the show of Andi crying, I had no idea she was crying about something HE said. You know, he could've complained about her to the other guys and that probably would've upset her even more. He was man enough to take her aside to bring up the grievance.

Okay, so maybe I can see how she was offended a bit and defensive. Perhaps she felt like he was attacking her. But she totally handled it the wrong way and I'm sure she feels the same way looking back at it now. Regardless of the somewhat decent relationship they had, she told him to leave after this one incident. In other words, too soon.

All of this makes it worse that he passed away shortly after from a paragliding accident and now people don't have closure with him.

I'm upset that he left the show in this way because that's how audiences will remember him now. I knew that she didn't choose him, but I just wish he had a less harsh exit. Even a disappointed exit would've been better. Anything besides her being angry at him. I wish it was more pleasant and that they parted on at least somewhat decent terms. I thought this is how it would be.

But what makes it EVEN WORSE is that Andi didn't seem to show any compassion about it at all. It's like she didn't even care. Andi came across really cold-hearted during that interview with host Chris Harrison. She could've been a little more respectful, remorseful, and sad. She should've addressed his loved ones saying, "You know, even though we had that spat before he left, he was still a great guy. My condolences." But NO, SHE had to be the victim! Heck, even Chris has given his condolences. MORE THAN ONCE.

Unless she did indeed do something like this and I missed it.

By the way, if she has to "try to be natural" like she said, then she's truly the TV actress Eric accused her of being. However, it might feel awkward to be natural with a bunch of cameras around so there I understand a bit why she'd feel insulted, but once again she didn't have to let him go for that ONE reason. It was as if they were looking for a small reason for her to get rid of him. They seemed to have gotten along otherwise and maybe he would've still been around if he did stay on the show. Who knows? Yet he might've still gone paragliding regardless of how or when he left or even if she chose him.

Then she goes to the rest of the guys like, "This is real for me, so it should be real for you." Pfft. Whatever. None of this is real for anyone involved with the show.

I didn't even want to watch this season because I knew that he died before it even aired and he was my favorite contestant when they first started announcing them.

I even took to Facebook to begin fangirling

He's actually the type of "Bachelorette" contestant I would want NOT to win because then he'd still be on the market. When I first saw the news on Facebook or AOL that a "Bachelorette" guy died, I saw his name and the link, clicked on it, and was hoping that it wasn't the one guy I liked. But sure enough..

I was legitimately upset about this when I first heard about it. It was so sad. And after seeing his final episode I became sad again.

I actually haven't been watching and was going to view it maybe after he left so I didn't get attached, but I did tune into these past two episodes and watched some past clips because I was curious to see what he was like. It's so strange seeing footage of him knowing that he's gone.

Based on what I read and saw of him, he was a loving, genuine, family-oriented great guy who did great things. He loved life and died doing what he loved. He was an adventurer and a beautiful person.

However, the thing is it's not like with other past cut contestants that we can think now that he would find love and have a family after the show, so that's what saddens me the most. In a world with plenty of men who aren't worthwhile, it upsets me that one of the few good ones is gone and not able to be a potential suitor for one lucky lady. In a world full of misogynistic men, why did a man who seemed like a gentleman who respected women have to die? I just don't understand!

Thinking about his passing has gotten me all questioning why good people die so young and yet there are so many bad people who are still alive. I will never fathom this.

Anyway, Eric is with God now and is even happier. That's all I can say and all that matters. My condolences to his loved ones. Heaven has truly gained an angel.

As for Andi, I think it's true that a lot of this backlash against her about the incident intensified because he did indeed die. If he didn't it wouldn't be as big of a deal because then he would just show up on "Men Tell All", lay it all out on the table there, and then everyone would move on. But her phoniness and lack of compassion during her interview knowing that he is now deceased made me lose a lot of respect for her. I've always been a bit indifferent toward her and everybody else on the show really. I'm not exactly rooting for her and knowing the history of the show, she's not going to find a long lasting relationship on there anyway.

On a future episode, they're going to show us how they all react to Eric's death.


  1. Omg I really loved this post!
    I'm going to play Moritz in a Norwegian version ! I have never heard about the play , seen it or read about it!
    I went to an audition for a director and he did like what I did preform , and he decided to set up Spring Awakening a few month later.
    I'm now doing some research for Moritz and I really cannot thank you enough for this post!
    Great reflections , writing and thoughts!
    Thank you again
    My URL is in here somewhere , if you want to contact me about the play in Norway ! Haha

    Best regards , Stian Sundseth (18, Norway)

    1. Hey Stian!

      (First of all, I hate to tell you this, but you commented the wrong blog post. lol)

      HOWEVER, I am thrilled that you enjoyed this post! I worked very hard on it and am glad that it was able to help you. I was hoping that it could help actors with the role by offering different insights. You are very welcome! :D

      Of course, this is only my interpretation.

      Congratulations on getting the role and thank you for the information! I hope your show has a fantastic run. :)