Thursday, July 31, 2014

New Professional Website Launch!

So other than endorsing Teddy Coffey, Carly Blaney, Serge Onik, and eventually Emily James on "So You Think You Can Dance" (ALL of whom were eliminated last night! >:|), I have been busy with job searching and other moves to further my career. I haven't really been inspired to writing a "Taking it One 'Stef' at a Time" style blog post, though I am interested in and brainstorming one about Teddy.

So, like I said, I don't like any month going by without a blog post, so here is July's post! Yay!

For the longest time I have been using this blog as my website, but I decided to jump in and actually finally create a website for myself after dabbling in it in the past but never being satisfied. I have been working on my professional website since March. The plan was to take a month to work on it and launch it in April but I got cold feet and kept tweaking it until I finally did publish it in late June. It might still need some decorating, but it looks nice right now. I'm actually hoping to do a photo shoot with my friend Andy at some point to get some professional head shots.

I've also been wondering if I should use different social media accounts just for my professional side. They have been created, but for right now I am just using the social media I have always been using. They seem to be working out thus far. I will let you know if anything changes.

So, here is my website! :)

Also, don't worry, "Taking it One 'Stef' at a Time" will still be here for my personal musings. ;)

Let's see how this works out!