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19 Reasons Why I am a Teddy Coffey Fan

Well, another "So You Think You Can Dance" Live Tour has come to an end as of February 18, making it the longest-running tour in SYTYCD history, so what better way to commemorate it than talk about my favorite dancer of Season 11, Teddy Coffey. :) Though he did not make the Top 10, he was chosen as an alternate to tour with them.

I often tweet about him, so people, especially non-SYTYCD fans, may wonder, "Why do you like Teddy Coffey so much?" So, because he is currently 19 years old, which he musically expressed to us in this moment, thus revealing his singing talents...

"My name is Teddy Coffey...

and I'm nineteeeen-years-old...

I'm a boy who is a Taurus... 

that likes grooving to the radio."
I love this song! :D are 19 reasons, in no particular order, why I am a fan of Teddy Coffey. :)

Okay, let's get THIS part out of the way...

1) He's a cutie. ;)

Okay, so he's a nice looking young fellow lol. This was my first impression of him. :) I first took notice of this and the charisma both he and Emilio Dosal have in this interview:

This was actually the video that introduced me to him. My Teddy Coffey appreciation took off from there.

2) His dance specialty is Hip Hop and Tap.

This was the main reason why I even started paying attention to him. Hip Hop is my favorite dance genre so I decided to watch the DancePlug Top 20 Photo Shoot interview with him and Emilio to get to know the Season 11 hip hop dancers. I remember watching the interview and looking at Teddy thinking, "Who is THIS guy?" considering that we never really heard about him until then. Fans claimed that this was a disadvantage to him because he lacked the early fanbase screen time during auditions and callback week gave to the likes of Rudy Abreu or Ricky Ubeda. 

I disagree. His lack of screen time made me want to learn about him more.

He is also a tap dancer, which actually might be his strength, showing his diversity and well-roundedness in both stage and street genres. He went into the show as a hip hop dancer but was able to tap on tour at times.

3) He responded to the first tweet I ever sent him!

I like to think that I am one of his first SYTYCD fans. ;) (And perhaps one of the first fans he ever tweeted?)

After watching that interview I kept thinking about how distinct and punny his name is, so I tweeted this for the heck of it...

...and he tweeted back to me! I was like, "Oh, cool!" It was a nice, unexpected surprise. I wasn't sure if this would happen and I liked that I was able to get his attention early on before the rush of fans came in. 

My first ever Twitter notifications from Teddy

He's really good with keeping his Twitter and Instagram updated and might be the most consistent out of all the Season 11 dancers when it comes to interacting with fans on social media. Whenever I get a Twitter notification from him it puts me in the best mood and makes my heart flutter.

4) He is multi-talented in the arts and has a brief musical theater background. 

I YouTubed him and found this video. This was when I discovered his singing side. He has this smooth, youthful sound to his voice. He could sing a lullaby quite well, I imagine. 

In an interview he said that he was in a musical. Being a theater person, this definitely drew me to him more and got me so excited. I was disappointed that the interviewers didn't ask more about it, so I did my own Google search.

In addition, he does impressions and performs and acts all the time. I believe he also cooks and is a decent drawer as well. He even once tweeted that he loves art. Being a patron of the arts, I appreciate people like this.

He has mentioned an interest in a singing career and appearing on "SNL" down the road. For the first time, in his most recent interview, he said that he is looking into acting as well.


5) His partnership with Emily James cannot be matched.

Teddy's partnership with Emily, known as "Teddily", has got to be one of the greatest fan favorites in the history of the show. Their friendship is extremely heartwarming and they are just so hilarious together. 

Their most memorable moment is clearly when they laughed throughout their interviews one night, which I think is what really got them noticed much more among fans.

It started here:

And continued here:

I have never seen dancers do this during interviews before and still LOL when I watch these.

Here they are dancing at my tour stop on November 5 at Count Basie Theatre in Red Bank, New Jersey:

Their performance of "Don't" on TV marked the true birth of Teddily, for it was the first time they danced a duet together on the show as a partnership. I was one of the few people that was not very upset about the tour ending because I am excited to see what is next for the dancers. However, one reason I am a little sad that tour is over is that Teddily won't be performing this routine anymore. I was even emotional about it the night of the final tour show, knowing that it would be the last one. However, I am grateful that they were able to perform it together as much they did. They're also moving in together once they get settled in LA, so the Teddily partnership will never be separated, thank goodness. :)

I have so much love and support for them. They are definitely my favorite couple of Season 11, if not the entire series so far.


6) He has the best laugh EVER.

The other dancers often say that he always makes them laugh and he even straight up told me that he likes to laugh a lot. He just seems like such a happy person with a great sense of humor and I love the way he interacts with people, especially his roommate Rudy. That is very important. Fans always say what a delight it is to meet him and it looks clearly so based on what I've seen.

My favorite clip of him laughing is this, which also includes Emily's laugh.

He very rarely looks upset, so if/when he does, it's unusual.

Speaking of...

7) He is humble.

A good example of this is from the night he got eliminated because I really admire his reaction.

Compare and contrast his facial expressions to the others real quickly. 

Everybody has the right to react the way they need to, but look at how satisfied and content he seems to be. He doesn't look upset at all. He looks happy with the outcome, as if he feels that he did what he had to do on the show. It also was good that he and Emily got eliminated the same night, not splitting up their partnership. This would've made this night way sadder.

But his humbleness was first especially noticeable to me in the "Still Rolling: Top 14 Perform" video. At 1:15 Nigel comes up to him to say goodbye and Teddy says to him, "Thank you, Nigel, so much. It was an incredible experience."

I just love this way he says it because he sounds and looks so genuine.

8) He takes over the dance floor.

Somehow Teddy was able to attend the HBO Emmy After Party through friends of the family, during which he starts taking over the dance floor, even trying to summon Sofia Vergara as his partner.

This is my favorite Teddy Coffey video. I really like that it shows his personality in his element and environment. He's not performing on a stage but rather having fun at a party.

He seems to love being in the center of attention. He's clearly very outgoing and seeing him be this way encourages me to reboot my own self-esteem on the dance floor and in other areas.

Plus, if asked, though I may feel a little shy, I wouldn't mind dancing with him. Haha.

9) He loves playing games.


Going along the same lines of his fun loving streak is his game playing. It was said plenty of times that Teddy loves playing games and is very competitive when it comes to it. We have also seen footage of this. He gets very animated...and loud...

Playing games with him looks like a blast! lol

Even Ricky once tweeted about Teddy's childlike nature.

10) I got to interview him. TWICE!

I am so thrilled, honored, and thankful that I had this opportunity. This is my favorite memory from tour. Him, Emily, and Carly Blaney, my other favorite and fellow Jersey girl, were the three main people that I wanted to meet at the tour. Unfortunately, this didn't happen, which really upset me, but I did get to interview them over the phone for two separate online publications. This was the first time I had ever interviewed people from TV that I greatly like, admire, and respect. Given that they are SYTYCD dancers, this was a big deal for me.

Teddy and Carly performing "Foolish Games", the first duet of the SYTYCD Season 11 Live Tour. Gorgeous photo.

I was able to thank Teddy and Emily for being such positive influences on my life and on the lives of others and took this opportunity to ask Teddy more about his musical theater and acting side. This was a huge accomplishment for my freelance writing career and the biggest, my most favorite thing that has happened in my career thus far. So surreal. I couldn't believe that I was actually talking to them on the phone.

So this first one was for my friend Kenny Spooner's SpoonyVision Studios website, so therefore it is very Carly focused because it is a New Jersey publication. But Kenny allowed me to write about Teddy and Emily in it as well.

After that first article was published, I was inspired to write an article about "Teddily" and didn't think that there was one out there about their partnership. So therefore, I wanted to be the one to write it! My new Twitter friend Chancy Johnson allowed me to do so for his website, "Out of the Woodwork". This was a first for him because no one else besides himself ever wrote for his site before. Needless to say, I really enjoyed writing it and it was a huge success. 

This one got so much more reception. It was the most feedback I had ever gotten from an article that I've written, and everything was positive. I was overwhelmed with joy.

Also, at the end of the "Teddily" phone interview, Teddy and I had the following correspondence:
Me: I hope to meet you one day, face to face. 
Teddy: (laughs) Yeah! Yeah, yeah! Absolutely!
I died. The fact that he is interested in meeting me as well is amazing.

11) He complimented my writing!

It meant the world to me to get this feedback from him. This was in regards to my "Teddily" article. It was the first time anybody from SYTYCD complimented my writing and him doing it has made a huge impact on me, giving me more confidence with my work. I actually didn't really expect a separate "thank you" tweet, just a favorite or a RT if anything, which he did. Even so, he could've just thanked me for it and said it was good, but he took the extra characters to mention specifics about it. It may just be a few words, but as for someone who makes writing her life, it speaks volumes.

"very well written an organized!"

I will never forget this.

12) He has VERY expressive eyebrows.

Back to some aesthetics for a bit lol. This is my favorite Vine:

This is actually from the first tour show. I had a feeling that fans would request eyebrow photos and videos from him, so when I first saw this I was so proud that my prediction was correct. I always love the way the girls squeal and scream when he does his eyebrow thing. It's so adorable. He didn't even have to take his shirt off to get this reaction. It doesn't take much for teenage girls, apparently.

This is his trademark. They talked about it on the show and in interviews quite often. He often has this smirk accompanying it, like:


"Eyebrows on fleek," indeed.

Going along with this, under his flexible eyebrows are his picturesque blue eyes and eyelashes. It's something that myself and other fans have pointed out. Even Emily has. 

This section was another one of my first impressions of him.

13) He's ITALIAN!!! :D

My pisan. ;)

I have a lot of Italian pride, so this made me like him even more. When asked where he would take Mary Murphy on a date, he responds, "On a boat in Italy."

Swoon. I'll go!!!

14) He's from Rochester, New York.

He's an Italian New Yorker, equipped with the accent and everything. Enough said.

I'm from New Jersey, he's from New York, so therefore we're practically neighbors. I'm a little sad that he's moving to LA for commercial work, meaning we won't be "neighbors" anymore, but he needs to do what he has to for his career and I respect that.

He's the first SYTYCD male favorite of mine that is actually from the northeast like myself. Gev Manoukian (Season 4) is from Utah, Robert Roldan (Season 7) is from California, and Alan Bersten (Season 10) is from Minnesota.

This is actually what helped me write about him. For "The Grind", I made it a northeastern themed article.

Speaking of Alan...

15) His friendly "rivalry" with Alan Bersten.

It's nothing major, just some cute social media bantering here and there. Considering that they are both my favorites from their respected seasons and Alan and I have a rapport, it's fun to watch.

But they're both always there for me. lol

16) His part in "How It's Done".


Taken by amazing photographer Nicole Godsey

Yeah, let's get back to his actual dancing. lol

My favorite number from Season 11 is the chess group routine called "The Royal Rumble", choreographed by Pharside and Phoenix and set to District 78's "How It's Done", my go-to workout track because of this.

I love the theatricality of it, the story, the costumes, and another reason why I love it so much is that Teddy's hip hop had a chance to shine in it. I was so thrilled to see it live. I even made it into a separate tour video.

I love how the music echoes during his part in my video. Here is the full routine on tour:

What's cool about it is that none of the other dancers move much when he does this, so you only pay attention to him during these few seconds. They move robotically and slowly as Teddy does his thing and starts jamming. What else is interesting about this is from what I see in other tour videos, he changed it up in every show.

Another thing I love is that he stood out during "Love Runs Out" on the show too and even lead the whole routine on tour.

At one point in this routine, Carly stands on Teddy's shoulders and falls backwards as the rest of the dancers in the routine catch her. You don't see it in my video, but you probably would in other tour videos and especially in the original clip from the show. I like the fact that my two favorites collaborated in this trustworthy way. Balancing a fellow dancer on his shoulders both tests and showcases Teddy's strength, which also deserves inclusion on this list.

17) He apparently doesn't drink.

In one of his laughing interviews, the interviewer, Annika Michelle, asked him if he was drunk, hoping it would explain his unusual behavior. Emily explained that he is underage and Teddy said that he doesn't drink.

I don't know if this has changed since this was said, but I appreciate hearing that he doesn't partake in this type of activity, especially underage drinking. It is very admirable and makes him unique.

18) He is so mature for his age and very well spoken.

This is my main reason for liking him so much. As I watched him throughout the season, I kept comparing him to other 19-year-old guys and even my own 19-year-old self back in my freshman year of college. For a 19-year-old, he is so focused and determined about what he wants and knows exactly how to get it. Plenty of people are so clueless at that age so this makes him an excellent role model. He has a lot of passion and drive.

I realized his speaking skills the most during Kristyn Burtt's AfterBuzz TV After Show #boyparty with Emilio and other Season 11 competitor Serge Onik. In the first thirteen minutes or so, Serge and Emilio aren't there because they were stuck in traffic, so Teddy had the floor and carried himself very well in the one-on-one discussion with Kristyn. I was very proud of him that night. I enjoy this whole video because Teddy, Emilio, and Serge were my favorite guys of Season 11 and just all three of them were apart of this episode. But, of course, the beginning part with just Teddy is my favorite.

Bottom line, he's intelligent and comes across wise beyond his years.


I have interacted with SYTYCD dancers' families on social media before, but never to this extent! He has such a huge support system and a handful of them interact with fans on social media. I love that they do this.

I've never seen anything like it. You just know that the reason why Teddy is the way he is because of his family unit. He's clearly very family-oriented and that's wonderful. They seem to have a family game night too.

The main one is his mother Pam, who favorited almost every tweet I made about Teddy. Other main ones include his father Bob and his aunts Carol and Cindy. Aunt Cindy Post is Teddy's dance teacher and he attributes a lot of his success to her.

Here are some of my favorite tweets from his parents:

Bob, Pam, and Cindy follow me on Twitter now. I was so excited and honored each time it happened. I enjoy getting Twitter notifications from them as well. :)

Speaking of Twitter followers, here's bonus #20...

20) THIS.

This made my life!!! It happened so randomly!

Emily and Carly did the same just as randomly at other times. I like that I have all three of my interviewees as followers.


I really like that this turned into a collection of some of my favorite Teddy Coffey memories from the past 8 months. :)

Teddy has indirectly helped me through struggles and still does. Whenever I am down he cheers me up. I feel motivated to push forward because I see how determined he is to push forward. He is an encouraging person not only to me but to other fans and fellow SYTYCD dancers. I was inspired enough by him to write this gigantic blog post. I can't thank him enough.

I am really excited for Teddy's future career and seeing what is next for him. He has plenty of potential and is going to do great things. So here's to you, Mr. Teddy Coffey! Cheers! Salute!

Stay funky and keep on grooving! ;)

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