Saturday, May 31, 2014

An Update about my Life

I made a promise to myself to never let a month go by without a blog post. Obviously consider this May 2014's blog post.

I've had different ideas for May blog posts and even started writing some, but I've just been too busy to really focus on them.

Here's why:

1) I finally got a part time job!!! All year since graduation I've been searching for a job and finally found a nice one. I'm still learning the ropes and am a little rusty, for I just started May 9, so I hope to improve.

Oh wow. I'm almost working there a month already.

My shift is great and I wanted one like it so I can still focus on my freelance writing...

2) I recently saw a play at Studio Playhouse again, this time a musical, and am reviewing it for Baristanet. So keep a look out for that. :)

I like that I am juggling the two for extra income and am still looking for additional job opportunities. But I like where I am now in my life. I'm feeling a bit more confident in my professional self.

3) I will be taking an online course called "Writing Storybooks for Children". My aunt suggested it to me because she found a Groupon for it. At first hesitant, I decided to take it because it looks like a nice little course. I'm hoping that it can help me broaden my horizons with my writing and give me something extra productive to do, for I've never considered myself a children's book writer. We even get a certificate at the end for completing it!

It says that I can work the course into my own schedule, which is great. I think I'll update you with my progress on Twitter or something like that if I so choose.

4) I'm hoping to see both Maleficent and A Million Ways to Die in the West, both of which opened May 30, with friends. I'd like to make video reviews with them for both movies, but at the same time I just want to relax and just watch a movie for once, so we'll see what happens. I especially want to do one for Maleficent but I want to do it for the other movie too because it's Seth MacFarlane's second film and I kind of want to do a Paper Cup Reviews follow up to our Ted episode. I have been looking forward to both movies for the longest time and keep hearing about them and what critics are saying, but I want to see for myself. I even think the two are being compared, such as which do you prefer seeing, a drama (Maleficent) or a comedy (A Million Ways to Die in the West)?

Okay so there are the main things right now. I'm still looking into other activities in which to partake.