Sunday, May 28, 2017

I Got Quoted for a Buzzfeed Article!!! :D

One of my goals achieved! lol!

They originally asked the Buzzfeed Community "Which Show From Your Childhood Do You Wish Was Never Cancelled?"

I contributed "The Puzzle Place" in the comments and they chose mine!! ​I wasn't sure if they were going to choose my contribution or not, but I really wanted them to and purposely commented to be included. I never really submit comments to Buzzfeed for this intention, but this time I tried it out. It was too perfect of an opportunity. I even carefully crafted my comment to be presentable and especially well written if chosen. Haha! I was thinking maybe they would use mine because it's unique and I provided an explanation.

I make it a habit to deactivate my Facebook account but purposely stayed active until the article was published so that my comment would remain live and I wanted to use my main account for the submission! lol I was determined. I didn't want to take any chances. However, I ended up deactivating my Facebook a bit more again recently because I felt like it (I am way more productive and peaceful when I am not on social media) and was thinking that if they were going to use it, they probably had seen it already anyway or maybe didn't see or maybe decided not use it. lol I was like, "No big deal if they don't."

But tonight when I got home I visited Buzzfeed, as I do, I saw that they had finally posted the article. So I clicked on it and scrolled, wondering if I was going to see my contribution.

I came across "The Puzzle Place" addition, wondered if it was mine (Could it be??), AND IT WAS!

This is so cool! I'm so excited!!!

I may be going a little bit too enthusiastic about this, but it's pretty interesting to see myself and my opinions in a Buzzfeed Community article on a site I consistently visit. I appreciate their nostalgic posts. :) Some of the comments even say that they are glad that someone (me) remembered "The Puzzle Place". :)

You can check out the full article here. It's a list of "25 Shows From Your Childhood That Should’ve Had At LEAST One More Season".

It's a nice list with plenty of great old kids shows acknowledged on there. Number 8 is my personal favorite though. ;)

8 is actually one of my favorites numbers, so I love that about this experience too. lol

If I'm this excited being quoted in a Buzzfeed article, imagine how psyched I am going to be when I'm published in even greater forums. Looking forward to that. ;)

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