Monday, November 28, 2016

If "Glee" Dedicated an Episode to "Hamilton"

Lately, earlier this month, I have been watching a lot of "Glee" clips that have recently surfaced on YouTube and it got me thinking. The final episode of "Glee" aired on March 20, 2015 and "Hamilton: An American Musical" began previews on July 13, 2015 and debuted on Broadway on August 6, 2015. I am 100% confident that if "Glee" lasted just a little bit longer, they would have definitely covered songs from "Hamilton" given how popular that musical is and how "Glee" creator Ryan Murphy's new show "Scream Queens" keeps referencing it in its current second season. Plus, they've covered songs from other musicals before.

Thinking about this, they could probably dedicate a whole season or even the whole series to the music from "Hamilton" because the songs could cover a lot of what happens in the storylines. The only thing that is throwing me is context. Usually "Glee" incorporated songs into episodes that were relevant to the theme of the episode's plot and "Hamilton" discusses a lot of politics and history, which isn't usually involved in the TV show. However, I am going to try to cast as much of the songs from "Hamilton" as I see fit, such as which songs would work well in which "Glee" situation. Also, what's not to say that the "Glee" writers wouldn't have changed up some of the lyrics to make sense in context? We also have to keep in mind that "Glee" tended to shorten songs for timing purposes. I am also going to include the Finn Hudson character.

So here is what would happen if "Glee" had a "Hamilton" music themed episode. We could also say that this is the weekly assignment Will gives them. Let's say that maybe he asks them to look back at their time in glee club and instructs them to chose a song from "Hamilton" that represents their feelings during that period.

Oddly specific, but yeah.

What's funny about this too is that a "Hamilton" episode would require Will to rap a lot, which was a running gag on the show.

So here is a brief rundown of the episode "Glee-milton".

Act I

"Alexander Hamilton"

The kids are introducing Will Schuester (Alexander Hamilton) and talking about what an amazing teacher and determined director he is after overcoming struggle.

Aaron Burr: Sue Sylvester (She'd actually be rapping a lot in this episode. Get ready.)
John Lauren/Philip Hamilton: Artie
Marquis de Lafayette/Thomas Jefferson: Artie (I can't picture anybody else rapping this part!)
Hercules Mulligan/James Madison: Puck
George Washington: Finn
Eliza: Emma Pillsbury
Angelica and Peggy/Maria could be played by any of Will's past lovers in this.

Or what we could also do with this is have Finn represent Hamilton. That way Will as Washington "trusting him" would make more sense. So therefore the cast would be:

Aaron Burr: Blaine (Not only do I feel like his voice and stamina fit the role, there was a time when he and Finn were rivals, like Burr and Hamilton.)
John Lauren/Philip Hamilton: Sam
Marquis de Lafayette/Thomas Jefferson: Artie
Hercules Mulligan/James Madison: Puck
George Washington: Will
Eliza: Rachel
Angelica: Quinn
Peggy/Maria: Santana

This is perfect because both Rachel and Quinn did love him. I actually didn't think Santana made as much sense in the list of Finn's lovers because all they did was have sex even though she had some sort of odd appreciation for him. I looked up Finn Hudson on Wikipedia and these three girls, including Santana, are all listed as his significant others, so it turns out that I was right with this casting after all. lol

It's actually perfect casting the more I think about it because all Finn (Hamilton) does with Santana (Maria) is have sex whereas he actually has romantic feelings for his betrothed Rachel (Eliza) and Quinn (Angelica), who like Angelica has Finn (Hamilton) first but then loses him to Rachel (Eliza).

"Aaron Burr, Sir"

Sue (Burr) warning Will (Hamilton) against starting the New Directions.

"My Shot"

I can totally see them doing this one. Before I thought they could cover the whole musical, I thought that they would at least perform this song alone. This one could work in multiple ways and could easily be applied to any of the characters and general plot of the show.

Let's see. Either this is Will (Hamilton) not throwing away his shot to really make the show choir a success, or this could be Rachel Berry (Hamilton) not throwing away her shot to make it to the top of stardom. I like the latter better, but they both could sing this song together in their roles as a duet. As another pull for Rachel in the casting choice, she and Hamilton are known for their determination to accomplish their goals and inability to stop talking. :P

John Laurens: Artie (Again)
Marquis de Lafayette: Sam (I chose him simply because one of his characteristics is doing impressions, which means he can probably handle a French accent well.)
Hercules Mulligan: Puck (Hercules Mulligan is the most brutish character in "Hamilton" so therefore he needs the most brutish character in "Glee" to play him.)

"The Schuyler Sisters"

I originally was thinking about Mercedes and Tina in this...but heck! Let's give this one to the Unholy Trinity! I already plan on casting Santana as Angelica throughout this anyway!

Angelica: Santana
Eliza: Quinn
Peggy: Brittany (Too good!)
Burr: Puck (Burr hits on Angelica in this song, and if any "Glee" guy is gonna randomly hit on a girl, it's Puck.)

Wow! This is too perfect! If the Schuyler Sisters were conniving...

"Right Hand Man"

Will (Washington) rapping about needing a right hand man to make New Directions successful: Finn (Hamilton).


A cute little duet here. Rachel (Eliza) sings about her love for Finn (Hamilton) while Emma (Eliza) sings about her love for Will (Hamilton).


The easiest one for me to cast. Santana (Angelica) sings about Brittany's (Hamilton) union with Artie (Eliza) or anybody else for that matter. Naya Rivera's voice is totally suited for this song!

"Wait For It"

I really want to cast this one, but I'm not sure who I would cast for it because none of the kids really hold back on their goals like Burr does. However, I totally feel like Darren Criss's/Blaine's voice is the best suited for this song. Maybe in this he could be holding off on his feelings for Kurt (Hamilton) or singing about his feelings regarding Kurt moving up in the world while he remains behind.

"Yorktown (The World Turned Upside Down)" 

Okay so we could say that this would be the big ensemble show stopping number at least halfway through the episode. This is them preparing for and celebrating their latest sectionals/regionals/nationals victory. Or even a preparation and victory over some friendly competition with their rivals like Vocal Adrenaline.

Hamilton: Will (In this song, Hamilton says "Gonna meet my son." This is particularly appropriate for Will because his wife Emma [Eliza] has a son.)
Lafayette: Coach Shannon Beiste (Okay, kind of a random choice, but if anybody is going to go to bat for Will and the New Directions, it's Beiste.)
Laurens: Artie (Again)
Mulligan: Puck (Again)
Washington: Principal Figgins (Okay, shut up. I know this one is weird. lol! However, he is the only authority figure over Will [Hamilton] so I needed him in this for his one line. :P Any other character might be better for this part though. Maybe even Sue.)

Another twist we can have with this is the whole Quinn pregnancy from season one. Finn and/or Puck could represent Hamilton wanting to achieve success for his unborn child. Either with Will or these guys, it works out literally.


Now Will (Hamilton) is pumped from their victory, and Sue (Burr) can't understand it. Their interests conflict.

Act II

"What'd I Miss?"

Jesse St. James (Jefferson) is back to wreak havoc on the New Directions! Also, let's have him cover all of King George III's songs, considering that Jonathan Groff, who played Jesse St. James, originated the role of King George III in "Hamilton". :)

ACTUALLY, a better idea is having Sam sing this when he comes back to the show after portrayer Chord Overstreet's hiatus from contract situations. I can see it now:

"What did I miss? What did I miss? McKinley my home sweet home I wanna give you a kiss. Mwah!"

Yeah, let's go with Sam. :) 

"Cabinet Battle #1"

This is my favorite one on this list and it concerns the "Glee" rap battle we never knew we needed. Sue (Jefferson) and Will (Hamilton) argue about the school's budget funding for Figgins (Washington) and the rest of the school board. Also starring Becky as James Madison!

"Say No to This"

Santana would definitely be playing Maria Reynolds in this. However, I can also picture Quinn in this role too. The only thing is I don't know who they should be seducing. Heck, they both are always trying to seduce someone. :P

OR it can be one of Will's past lovers trying to steal him away from Emma or blackmail him! Like Terri! Oh!

"The Room Where It Happens"

I'm facing the same problems with this one as I did with "Wait For It". However, I can picture Artie in this one. Considering the choreography that goes with it, this would be one of those times when we enter Artie's imagination where he actually stands and dances. It could symbolize him finally wanting his shot, much like how this is Burr's turning point song. This part could also go to Kurt or Mercedes (Burr) who are tired of being constantly upstaged by Rachel (Hamilton).

Actually, let's give it to Mercedes. Her voice might be the best for it.

"Washington on Your Side"

Okay! Perfect! Mercedes (Jefferson), Santana (Burr), and Kurt (Madison) complain about Will (Washington) always taking Rachel's (Hamilton) side and favoriting her. The three people who are in constant competition with Rachel easily represent the three people in constant competition with Hamilton.

For this song, Mercedes is needed for Jefferson's sass, Santana is needed for Burr's sarcasm, and Kurt is needed for Madison's subdued yet sly nature.

"One Last Time"

We might be at the point in the show where Will (Washington) wants to leave the New Directions in Finn's (Hamilton) hands.

I mean, do we really want Figgins (Washington) singing this one to Will (Hamilton)? :P

"We Know"/"Hurricane"/"The Reynolds Pamphlet"

I put these all as one because they are all one continuing plot point. In "We Know" and "Hurricane", Will (Hamilton) is trying to overcome his latest struggle with Sue (Jefferson) and so he writes a song detailing his misdeeds. He's doing something secretive that he doesn't want Emma or the New Directions to know, but I'm not quite sure what that is.

Sue (Jefferson) raps again in "The Reynolds Pamphlet" with Becky (Madison) and another person playing Burr who doesn't wish Will (Hamilton) well. I'm thinking Coach Ken Tanaka, who is mocking Will for stealing Emma from him, or Sanford "Sandy" Ryerson, for taking over the glee club after him. According to Glee Wiki, Sue and Ken are referred to as enemies, but that's okay because Jefferson and Burr aren't necessarily that friendly either considering they run for president against each other and don't seem to have the best reconciliation afterward.

I'll include Santana in there as Angelica once again to tell off Will (Hamilton) because that is just her character. Finally, the background dancers are Sue's Cheerios! lol!


This is another one that is optional in how it is executed. We are yet to see a passionate heart wrenching Rachel Berry number, so how about this one is Rachel (Eliza) crying about one of her many breakups with Finn (Hamilton)? Lea Michele's voice is the best for this song. In addition, we can have Kurt (Eliza) join her as he cries about Blaine's (Hamilton) infidelity.

"It's Quiet Uptown"

This is a broad number that showcases practically the whole "Hamilton" cast, so with "Glee" it would be no different. This would be one the episode's climactic numbers actually, with all of the characters reluctantly reconciling: Rachel, Emma, Kurt (Eliza) and Finn, Will, and Blaine (Hamilton).

"The Election of 1800"

I want to do something with this one regarding the school president election they did, such as Blaine (Jefferson, since they both eventually win) versus Brittany (Burr). The student body could then ask Will (Hamilton) to endorse one of them because he knows them well enough from glee club.

Another scenario we can have is Will (Hamilton) as the deciding vote as to who should be the school's next principal after Figgins (Washington). This one might be better because it forces Will (Hamilton) to choose a leader between two people he doesn't particularly care for. Sue (Jefferson) wins of course and we can say that Will (Hamilton) considers her a worthy adversary and although he doesn't agree with her on anything, she has beliefs and he admires that. I'm just not sure who should represent Burr here. No one else was up for school principal, right?

"Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story?"

ACTUALLY, this song and "It's Quiet Uptown" would've been great in "The Quarterback" episode when they all mourn the death of Finn Hudson/Cory Monteith. This song tells how Rachel/Lea (Eliza) could work to make sure Finn/Cory's (Hamilton) legacy lives on. It's interesting how that is somewhat parallel to "Hamilton". As this closes the Broadway musical, it would also close the episode. Given that "Hamilton" premiered after the "Glee" series finale, if "Glee" continued for one more season and actually made this episode, it could've worked in real time.

So what do you think of my choices? Would you change anything? How would you cast "Glee" characters in "Hamilton"? :)


  1. Love this! And Geoff would make an appearance too :)

    1. Thank you very much, Mal! :D And do you mean Groff?