Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I Won Tickets to See Arcadia on Broadway!

From the Arcadia on Broadway website and Facebook page
Arcadia on Broadway held a "My Arcadia Photo Contest" on its Facebook page. To enter, we each had to upload a photo of our very own "Arcadia" to win a pair of tickets to one of its final shows and a copy of the play signed by Tom Stoppard, the playwright. After two weeks worth of creating a Facebook event and inviting my friends to "like" the photo, while also going head to head with the other contestants, I became one of the winners! Congratulations to Emily as well, whose photo also gained her victory!

Thank you so much to all those who "liked" my photo and supported me in this competition! I appreciate all of your help!

It's funny because originally I entered just by chance to see what would happen. However, as time when on and I got more and more "likes," I began to taste victory and want it more and more!

I will also write a follow-up post about the actual performance and my experience! :D

The winning photo:

I'm a total Jersey girl, so naturally the Jersey Shore is My Arcadia! I took this photo one night last July at Sandy Hook in Hazlet, NJ. I love just looking out into the ocean and seeing the sunlight glisten on the waves and feeling the sand between my toes. The whole area gives me a chance to relax and get away from everyday stress, while also giving me a peaceful place to think and focus on the beauties and wonders of the area. When you are at the Jersey Shore, you are in a different world entirely. It is a great place to represent New Jersey. :)

I got a package in the mail this morning from NY. I wonder what it could be. ;)

TOM STOPPARD'S signature in a copy of Arcadia I just received in the mail this morning!!!

So you can see it better :)

I even got some bookmarks!

I now have two copies of Arcadia in my possession. The one to the left I got at a Borders and it was the last copy left. I had found this exact copy at the same Borders awhile ago and was thrilled to have it in my hands and be able to read it in the store but I decided not to buy it. I regretted not buying it thereafter because ever since then I couldn't find a copy anywhere else. As time went by I found out that this Borders was closing for good, so I had to go back and check to see if the book was still there before this happened and planned on purchasing it if it was. I wanted to try and see if I can get the same exact copy I originally found. Thankfully, I found the same one (It had been awhile, but if I remember correctly both times it was the last copy left in the store so I was pretty sure it was the same one. Plus, I felt that it resembled the one I had originally read.) with the intention of buying it this time around and now it is mine! I also used a coupon or finished up a gift card or something to buy it, which was also apart of my plan. It is one of my favorite purchases to date! The one to the right is the one with Tom Stoppard's signature. 

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