Friday, October 14, 2011

Exciting News For the Movie World (Especially Those Who Like Greek Mythology and Shakespeare, Like Me!)

I am a Scorpio and during the upcoming Scorpio horoscope timeline two awesome movies are coming to theaters near you! I am very excited because both films involve two different topics that have interested me since childhood and represent who I am. I am also proud that both movies are premiering during my birthday sign! :)

First up is Anonymous, which is opening October 28. When my mom and I saw Glee 3D in theaters, I saw the poster outside of the theater and I immediately became excited about it and knew I wanted to see it. Anonymous discusses the possibility that William Shakespeare did not write his world renown plays and sonnets, but is rather just taking the credit for it. I am a big fan of Shakespeare's work, and look up to him as a writer, so naturally I would be interested in seeing this film. I have also always heard rumors that perhaps Shakespeare was a fraud, so maybe this movie can help me find out if there's any truth to that. Plus, I am taking English Drama this semester, which involves medieval drama leading up to Shakespeare's time and it's a good chance that at lot of the material we are covering was Shakespeare's inspiration. Taking the class has given me another incentive to see this film.

Next up is Immortals, which opens November 11. Immortals is about the clash between the Greek gods, the Titans, and humanity. Ever since I was a kid I've had an interest in Greek mythology and because of this I took a mythology course in my freshman year first semester of college to fulfill a general education requirement, a class that I enjoyed and found somewhat simple since I had already knew some of the material due to my readings as a child. Ever since I heard about this film awhile ago, I had been looking forward to it. Plus, Poseidon, the Greek god of the sea, is played by Kellan Lutz! Squee! His site is actually how I first found out about it.

The only thing that concerns me about this film is that it was made by the same producers as 300, telling me that perhaps it has a possibility to be gory, which is not something I necessarily like in films. Regardless, I still want to see it!

I am thinking that I will do some follow up posts about these two films in my "Reflections about..." series or cover them for another publication.

*Film posters are from IMDb.

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