Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy One Year Anniversary to "Taking it One 'Stef' at a Time!" Part 2

Okay so here we go! The Top Five Blog Posts of "Taking it One 'Stef' at a Time" So Far! :D

#5 The Problems I Have with FOX's "Glee": Representations
Published: September 2, 2011
Page Views: 167
"GLEE!" This post was a long time coming in my brainstorming, so I was glad to write out all my qualms with the show and get them out there. It's funny because after writing this series I wonder why I even like the show lol. I'm proud of this piece and worked very hard on it. I like how I touch on a lot of different points about what is and is not represented in "Glee" rather than just one solid subject. I think my favorite part is the "White Guys are Stupid" section. I personally think it's pretty funny. If you look at different TV shows, and maybe even movies and plays, this formula is very prominent nowadays.

That being said, how ironic that this post is next on this list...

#4 Hope vs. Steffy: Virginity vs. Promiscuity in Young Women Represented by a Soap Opera
Published: August 18, 2011
Page Views: 398
YES! I'm glad this one was so popular! If I'm not mistaken, this may be one of my blog posts I did not post on Facebook in the places I normally post them, so I'm happy that people were able to find it! Like my other posts about sex, this one also covers a topic that is very important to me. I was actually hoping to give you an update of what's been happening on the show since then, so now is the perfect time to do so. Okay let's see, this piece was published in August and we are now in January...and it is STILL the same storyline! No wonder people are sick of it! It's been dragged on for almost five months now! Basically everything I said I didn't want to happen happened. Liam married Steffy and Hope is all heartbroken over it. Steffy is on a quest to keep Hope away from Liam and now has gotten her brother Thomas involved. Thomas, who is smitten with Hope, has now proposed to Hope last Friday but just today she rejected him because she wants it to be right and is still hung up on Liam. AND, for that matter, we still don't know what Liam wants. He is still caught between two women and letting other people constantly tell him what to do. Actually, you know what?? He fits the model of a "Dumb White Male TV Character" pretty well! The show plays weekdays on CBS at 1:30 PM on the east coast. Check it out if you want. Maybe my ranting about it doesn't exactly convince you that it is worth your time, but still. You'll most likely see Liam because his storyline has been the most prominent nowadays and we pretty much can't get away from him. See for yourself if you agree that he fits the model like the other guys do. It's SO annoying!

#3 PBS Kids TV Shows and their New Characters that are Actually Worth our While
Published: June 21, 2011
Page Views: 519
Hey cool! One of my few blog posts NOT about sex! This one is actually the positive half of my discussion about new PBS characters. I like that I wrote about both sides of the debate.

#2 The Problems I Have with FOX's "Glee": Storylines (mainly Quinn's)
Published: September 5, 2011
Page Views: 927
"Glee" again! I guess people find it entertaining when I rant about Quinn Fabray. Like all of my posts about "Glee," I worked very hard on this one. It was the last post I published before my Fall 2011 semester started and I took a break from blogging, so I'm happy to have ended for a while on a post of which I am proud.

And the #1 "Taking it One 'Stef' at a Time" blog post so far is...

You probably could've guessed this one...

PBS Kids TV Shows and their Not-So-Heartwarming New Characters
Published: June 10, 2011
Page Views: A whopping 2,006!
I'm very pleased that my top blog post since I started blogging is one that is NOT about sex, but rather goes back to my childhood roots. The popularity of this piece shows that we still care about PBS and the intelligence and innocence it provides for our kids. I worked hard and long on this piece. I actually think I spent the most time on this one than I do on the other posts, so I am proud that it was and is a very successful piece!

A lot of these posts are tagged with the "Masterpieces" label, meaning that they are a bit lengthier than others and I put much effort into them, making them thought out expressive essays, and also have a good handful of comments, so I'm happy that my hard work has invoked a lot of thought and has not gone unnoticed. I also appreciate the positive comments the posts have gotten. I often wonder what kind of comments my controversial pieces would get, for I don't want my published views to instigate online arguments, but this has not been the case. I appreciate those who have commented for keeping things professional and clean. I also really like how people have searched for certain keywords and how come across my works that way.

Here's to plenty more new intriguing posts in the new year! :D

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