Monday, July 23, 2012

The Necessity of Social Media: An Introduction to my own Accounts

I just found something else to write about! :D

Ladies and gentlemen, a brief rant about social media. 

For a while now I've been kind of having writer's block for this site, considering I am currently on the job hunt during the summer. Also, you might have noticed that I've placed more of a focus on my YouTube channel during this break to do film reviews on there. (See what I did there? I FILM my FILM reviews.)

And, to increase my professionalism, due to some encouragement by my freelance writing father, I also created my LinkedIn and Twitter accounts. However, some of these things may not last very long. I'm just trying them out.

The thing is, every time I create a new account, I get a little anxiety, like I shouldn't be creating it and that I'd be better off without it. There are also times when I create something and then delete it because I don't feel that I am ready for it. Other times I consider it but then put it off. Every time I create one of these accounts I feel like I'm not ready for it or that I should create it at a better, more special time. I'm normally not the type of person that creates an account with one of these sites right away. I felt that way when I got my Facebook and this very blog as well. I figured I'd start off slow just in case I wish to delete them, but it turns out Facebook and Blogspot have been very successful additions to my life, but it also feels like Facebook is overdone because my activity is kind of broad on there and I want to tone it down. I often try to clean out my activity, friend lists, pages, etc.

I am a very private person, so that's why I always question myself every time I create a new account on a new site. I always get nervous because I feel like we as a society are relying too much on technology and that I am just joining the bandwagon, doing what everybody else is doing just because it's popular, which is not something I make a practice in doing.

I was never one to care too much about how many followers or subscribers I have, but it's nice to know that I am not creating these accounts for nothing, and I ultimately do end up caring a good amount, so I definitely appreciate them. It's always so exciting for people to see that number increase one by one. I wonder why this excites us so much. It just helps us to know that we are getting noticed. This proves to me that what I do online has a purpose and that people actually care about me, what I have to say, and want to hear more. That's always a great thing.

From what I see, everything has AT LEAST a Facebook and a Twitter. I often wonder if only one of these sites would do the trick, so what's the point of having more than one account that ultimately has the same purpose as the others? That's my issue with Twitter right now. Twitter is my newest addition. They all seem to have the same functions. What's difference between Twitter and Facebook? Between YouTube and Vimeo? Etc.? What are the benefits of each site? Perhaps some are more professional than others. I liked certain things on Facebook, so does that mean I should or should not follow them on Twitter too? I like being a person without certain accounts and feel proud of myself because when I create these accounts I feel like I am meshing into the rest of the population. Another thing is I always kind of found Twitter odd for the lingo and mascot alone.

I've aired my concerns to my family and friends, and they all agree that these sites are very useful for business, depending on how I use them. Times have changed, and such technology is needed to get my name out there. The thing with me is, I want to get noticed, but yet sometimes I don't want to get noticed. I mean, I do want to get noticed to build my successes, but I am still kind of a private person, after all. I sometimes don't want people to know stuff about me. Why should I post my information for everyone? Then again, I can't necessarily be invisible either in this age of technology. For professional reasons, this needs to be done, and perhaps it isn't much of a big deal. It's not like everything about me is accessible.

I remember once talking to Kelly about how technology is taking over and perhaps life was better back when we didn't have all of this technology, like perhaps things shouldn't have changed and life was better with our "traditional" ways. She said that even if computers and such didn't come around, something else would have. Technology is always changing and improving, which, I agree, is a good thing. Social media is just a new way we communicate with each other. Her words always resonate with me when I start thinking like this. Recently my friend Sammie told me that we use cars and cell phones even though others use them. These sites are just ways we communicate now, just like phones, radios, and televisions were invented. Yeah, but that doesn't mean people need all different types of cars and phones. Only one or two should suffice depending on the circumstances. Why should social media be any different? It just feels like everybody has one of each of these sites, and I wonder, is there a point? Is it good that we are doing this? I understand the more accounts we have the more we branch out to others and the more convenient and better in the long run, but it still makes me question.

I was so proud of myself for being a person who did not have a Twitter account because that is a rarity in today's society, and I like being different. I have been considering it though, and I am kind of happy for finally having one because now when I see Twitter as an option on other sites, I can actually use it now! But then I think, if I like these things on Facebook, what is the point of following them on Twitter? The same goes for me vice versa. If I am connected to people on one site, is it necessary to connect with them on another? Also, I can always go to websites for information as well. Couldn't I just Google things? I'm guessing social media is needed to make contacts easier because it helps to build certain communities.

Oh yeah, and I'm also on Stage 32. This one I don't feel as odd about because this social media site has a theme of theater, TV, and film, which is my field, so naturally it would be good to join it. Plus it's different and I don't know a lot of people on it. My dad sent me this one and I jumped on it.

It's just that I don't want to drive myself crazy with all of these accounts and go nuts trying to make sure they're all connected with each other. Right now I am juggling five, including Facebook. I am trying to get away from my computer and here I am creating additional accounts? That's contradictory, isn't it? Are they even necessary to be in my life? Shouldn't one or two suffice? Are they all needed? Then I feel incomplete that I don't have one of them.

It's not like I have an account with every site imaginable. There are plenty of others sites where I don't have accounts, so I shouldn't feel too bad about the ones I have. And there are plenty of people that have plenty of accounts to help them branch out. See, I don't want to be one of those people that has an account with every site...but is that necessary for business, to have an account with a good majority of these sites? That is what I am asking.

I know I am kind of repeating myself, but this is my stream of consciousness questioning and it is something that is currently on my mind.

Right now, since I am a beginner on Twitter, I am starting off slow and just pretty much using it for business. The more I learn about it, the more I am discovering its benefits. But, I don't want my activity on Twitter to turn into my activity on Facebook. I like how empty it is, starting from scratch. Then again, my Facebook page is pretty empty itself, so that's good.

I just want to be organized with these things, and I think I am, for the most part. :)

I will admit though that it is fun creating and using them.

I'm probably over thinking this like usual.

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