Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Look at What I Just Received in the Mail! :D

I'm so happy and excited because I just received this in the mail today in very nice packaging after much anticipation:

If you remember from this blog post, Attempts on her Life by Martin Crimp has been one of my favorite plays on campus. To me it is difficult to find a copy of the script and I thought I wouldn't be able to read it because it is one of those rare gems, but then I found a great deal on! I am so proud of myself. I ordered it before Hurricane Sandy hit, so I think that's why it took longer for me to receive it, other than the fact that I set it for the longer shipping time, but it was well worth the wait! I consider this a birthday/Christmas gift to myself. :)

Here I thought the closest thing I would get is reading it at a library or borrowing a copy from someone. Now I have my very own copy!

For those of you who are curious about how the actual text is written (I know I was!), here's an example:

This is the first page of my favorite scene "Untitled (100 Words)". It is so amazing what people can produce with such a simply written script.

Here's something interesting. When I saw this scene, "Jungfrau (Word Association)", in the book, I didn't recognize it and figured that they just cut it out and thought maybe I was forgetting something but then I realized that it was replaced with the "Communicating with Aliens" scene that I saw and that the "Communication with Aliens" scene is missing from the book I have. I wonder why. Is there another version out there with the "Communicating with Aliens" scene in it or is this supposed to be the same thing? I wonder what the deal is with this. I wasn't aware that there were other different scenes. I was thinking maybe word differences but not necessarily scene differences. I'm interested in learning about the history of this play now. Why the scene change?

Well this kind of disappoints me though. I want the same version my school used. I think there might be other versions of this play and hoped that I was ordering the right one. I did see another book of it on the Barnes and Noble website, which could be the more updated one.

I just checked now as well. There are other copies of the seemingly newer version on and other sites (I saw a version with "Communicating with Aliens" in the Table of Contents on a Tumblr site actually). Looks like there are other versions I should maybe try to obtain. ;) I have to check who is in stock and which versions are which. It would be good to have the version I just received as well as the other one.

Then again, maybe the "Communicating with Aliens" scene is not that much of a loss to me and maybe it's a good thing to have a different version. It feels more intricate to have the original (if that is indeed what I have).

Everything else in the book looks pretty familiar and it brings back memories. I can't wait to read it some more and am glad to add it to my collection! :D

Well, I'm off to reading (and perhaps purchasing)!


  1. Hi Stef,
    Firstly, congratulations on the recent publication of your articles.
    Secondly, is the photograph of the Jungfrau (Word Association) scenario the extent of the script for this scene or is there more to it? The reason I stumbled across your blog was that I have been searching for the script to this scenario, having only been able to access scripts in which it is replaced with the Communicating With Aliens scenario.
    Thanks in anticipation of your response.

    1. Well, it's a good thing I got this version, then! To help you out! :)

      First, thank you very much. :D

      Second, yes that is the extent of the scene. I think its short length is very intriguing. :)