Tuesday, March 10, 2015


This is a hashtag I use on Twitter sometimes. I use it to describe situations that only writers and readers would fully appreciate. Something happened today that is too much to fit into a tweet and worth more than a Facebook post, so I decided to dedicate a blog post to it.

Earlier today I went to Sprague Library on Montclair State University's campus with my father. This is something we do every so often. There is a small section on the first floor called "Pop Picks", which consists of recommended modern fiction and non-fiction and is pretty much one of the only sections in this library with this genre, so I go there to browse.

The last time I went to Sprague, I returned this book called The Wedding by Nicholas Sparks, which is from this section. I didn't finish it, but according to the library's policy, you can't renew a book unless you are a student, so I had to return it and wait until next time.

I was concerned about this though. The last time I returned a book, The Obituary Writer by Ann Hood, I never saw it in the "Pop Picks" section since. That one I at least finished and adored, so I was concerned that I would never see Sparks's book again on the shelf.

So today I went over to the "Pop Picks" section again to look for The Wedding. At first I had no luck. Let me explain how this section is set up. I left my camera at home so bear with me. I would've taken pictures of this with it. The top three shelves have the books displayed with their frontal book covers facing out whereas the bottom two shelves has books stacked together side by side with only their spines visible, which is what you would usually see at most libraries and bookstores.

I studied this section more because this is where I found the book last time. I was feeling discouraged because I kept seeing the same books I always see there and not my books. Then I looked up and on the second or third shelf, right in front of me with its cover facing out, was The Obituary Writer! I gasped I was so shocked and excited! I wasn't sure if I would ever see it again! After feeling thrilled about this, I resumed my search for The Wedding, because finding the other book gave me hope. Wouldn't you know that three books to the left of The Obituary Writer was The Wedding??? Usually the same books are displayed like this on the top two shelves but now my two books were! They were both right next to each other on the same shelf looking out! Now they are not lost from me! I thought this was a very cool coincidence. So then I took out the book and plan on reading this rest of it. :)

I also took out a book about Aphra Behn, the first female writer to get paid for her work. She paved the way for me and many others. I'm thinking about writing a blog post about her for my "Real Influential Women Role Models (Real and Fictitious)" series for Women's History Month.

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