Friday, July 31, 2015

The Many July Rants of Stef Sears

This month on Facebook I posted quite a few well thought out lengthy posts that I believe are worth sharing with the masses. So here there are all together.

On Appreciation for America:

July 4, 2015

It makes me so angry when U.S. CITIZENS complain about America and burn the American Flag. You never really hear about any other country burning their flags, being offended by them, or being asked to take them down! Even if this does also occur in other countries, it's ridiculous.

Sure, we have our own problems here (Who doesn't?). Sure, we are not perfect (Who is?). Sure, we may not have the most positive history (Who does?). AND, because we ARE Americans, we DO have the freedom to express negative opinions. I'm not saying that we shouldn't utter any disapproval ever.

BUT, there is a REASON why SO MANY PEOPLE want to live and immigrate HERE. THEY know what America is all about. THEY know what opportunities America has to offer. If America is really as bad as these criticizers say, there wouldn't be so many people wanting to obtain U.S. citizenship AND there wouldn't be other countries often needing assistance from the U.S.

To me, the people who complain are just so accustomed to their American privileges that they don't even appreciate or even notice them. Practically everything is available to us and we need to remember how good we have it here.

I, for one, am grateful for the United States of America and for the men and women who have fought and continue to fight for and protect our freedom. I love this country and am glad that it exists. I am proud to be an American. America, as well as the veterans, deserve more respect, ESPECIALLY on days like today!

Happy Birthday, America!

On Catholicism, Christianity, and Priests:

July 11, 2015

On Thursday morning I made a mistake and was really distraught about it because there are times when I reach a breaking point and this was one of them. Loudly crying in the car and not wanting to go home yet, I didn't know where else to turn so I drove to the one place I thought I could turn - the local Catholic Church. I parked in the parking lot and wept for awhile. I then decided to go to the Rectory because I felt like I really needed to talk to someone. Amidst sobs, I rushed over and rang the doorbell. A woman answered on the intercom and I asked if a priest was in. She asked if I had an appointment, and I said no, unfortunately I don't. She told me to hold on. She then opened the door a few seconds later to my red, tear-stained face and told me that the priest would be with me in a few minutes. She led me into his office and I sat on the couch. She then gave me a box of tissues and offered me a cup of water. A few minutes later the priest walked in, greeted me in a friendly manner, shut the door, sat at his desk, and asked me to proceed. Through tears I then ranted to him about my frustrations of what has been bothering me and he listened attentively. He waited until I looked up at him and paused. He then responded to my situation and gave his opinion, along with his Godly wisdom and advice. God was certainly working through him. This went on for about an hour and I gradually calmed down, although I still didn't feel 100% better about my situation. I thanked him and we parted ways, a smile on my face. I also thanked the woman for her kindness earlier. I then went to pray in the church for a bit. Ideas came to me as I sat there and I decided to be very productive for the rest of the day in regards to what was upsetting me. I was in a better, not greatest, but better mood after talking to the priest and then talking to Jesus.

I decided to share that story because I am so tired of hearing so much negativity about Christians and Catholics. Priests aren't perfect, but they often tend to help me, so good stories about them and the laypeople of the Christian community like this one should be shared more often.

So, do you have any stories about when a priest or a layperson Christian helped you?

On Writers and Artists Getting Paid for Their Work:

July 17, 2015

I got angry at something I just read so I decided to write this:

Can you imagine going to a restaurant and not paying but say instead that you'll refer the place to someone else? Of course not.

But this is the reality most writers and other artists face everyday. EXPOSURE does not equal GETTING PAID FOR YOUR WORK. Writers and other artists are qualified professionals in their fields just like anyone else and deserve to be treated as such.

Writers and other artists, don't settle for less than what you deserve!! Settling is what keeps this unfair cycle going. There might be times when you may want to do work for free, but the only time it is truly acceptable is if it's for YOUR OWN ENJOYMENT. Employees put time in and then get paid for the hours they work, correct? Well, so should writers and other artists for theirs!

I should write a book. :P

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