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My Theory for the Third Red Devil's Identity is...

My blog posts have really been "Scream Queens" themed lately, haven't they? lol

Okay so we already know that the two other Red Devils are Gigi and Boone, may he rest in peace. I've been muffling around in my head who the possible third Red Devil is the entire season, and I think I finally figured it out.

Let me let you in on my other possibility before I reveal my one true suspect. The Red Devil could very well be Chanel #3 for the mere fact that we're yet to see her get attacked by a Red Devil. It would also make sense for Sam to suspect her considering that heart to heart that they had. We also don't know her real name like we do with the other Chanels, so perhaps it would give her away. A lot of people seem to think that the third Red Devil is her. I still somewhat suspect Grace too because I think it would be a great twist that the one girl we've been following investigating these murders draw attention away from herself and turn out to be the perpetrator all along.

However, I believe that I finally figured it out. I finally figured out who the Red Devil is.

The Red Devil is none other than...










Chanel #.....


Courtesy of Wetpaint

That's right. Chanel Oberlin.


Allow me to explain.

1) She knows literally everything about Kappa Kappa Tau.

Well, this may not be evidence that she is the killer considering that most pledges have to learn about their sororities before they are initiated, but her knowledge definitely comes in handy for her. She is always the one explaining the sorority's history. She was the one who explained the bathtub incident to Grace.

Chanel must have a very strong Kappa background. Gigi could've been instilling all of this information in her all of these years.

2) She hired Gigi in the first episode. 

Speaking of Gigi, Chanel as the one to hire Gigi to defend Kappa Kappa Tau from Dean Munsch suggests that perhaps the two were in cahoots way longer and that Gigi, given that she was the "The Hag of Shady Lane," raised her. No one else knew who Gigi or what her position was beforehand.

3) She somewhat shares a bond with Boone, her supposed twin brother.

In that one scene when Boone approached her about joining the Kappas, she seemed to be somewhat open to it because it would make her look like a good person. Perhaps she had other motives as well. Even when Boone came back she wasn't ranting about or fearing him as much as the other girls were. Also, in the scenes involving Chad, she and Boone appear to have shared a brother/sister relationship, equipped with sibling squabbling and all.

Perhaps Boone pretending to be gay also had to do with helping Chanel by making sure Chad didn't sleep with anyone else.

The more I think about Chanel, the more I realize that everything she does in the show is fueled by her need for Chad to like her.

4) The "Sluts Will Die" sign left by the Red Devil. 

Remember this sign that the Red Devil left behind, after he/she "attacked" Chanel?

Who else but Chanel would say something like this? Also, it's a little suspicious that this was written after Chanel was the only one upstairs to run downstairs claiming that the Red Devil attacked her. Upon seeing this, her line "This is so horrifying." to me always sounds a little bit fake. In fact, she seemed fake throughout this whole segment.

The only thing that throws me with this scene is her sincere horror and fight sequence with the Red Devil when he/she sneaks up behind her in the scene beforehand.

5) She has committed murder before, without much remorse, guilt, or horror.

She fried Ms. Bean's face off in like the first episode, which is occasionally brought up when other characters suspect her as the killer, and she just recently apparently killed Hester without much concern. It was also suggested that this murder in particular was planned. She also threatened Chad without worrying about Chad asking her, "Chanel, are you the killer?" In fact, she pretty much welcomed it by responding "I guess we'll see."

If she wasn't the killer, she'd be adamant to prove that she isn't the Red Devil, but she never really is. When accused, she doesn't take the accusations seriously or even care that people think that she is a murderer. She merely brushes it off as a minor inconvenience. In fact, other characters often comment on how indifferent she is toward the murders. Her indifference on its own could prove that she is the Red Devil. Perhaps her indifference is her trying to turn people's attentions away from the murders and her committing them. Most people would want to prove their innocence right away. Not Chanel. For her, it's not really a top priority. Winning Chad's heart and keeping Kappa Kappa Tau's partying legacy afloat is.

(Addition made on November 25, 2015 at 2:41 PM) Also, in regards to dealing with the dead bodies, she just throws them in the meat locker, usually because she doesn't know what to do with them or as an attempt to cover it up, which isn't very tasteful. (End of addition.)

If she could commit these murders with such ease being herself, she certainly could commit the other murders in a Red Devil costume. She also tends to spew out a lot of murderous threats.

6) Sam would probably suspect her.

Remember when before the Red Devil killed Sam, he/she revealed him/herself to her and then Sam says, "You. I always knew it was you."?

I keep thinking about this scene because it should narrow it down! My theory about Chanel fits right in.

Out of Chanel, Gigi, and Boone, Sam would suspect Chanel. Sam wouldn't suspect a guy she thought was already dead and a woman who is an apparent authority figure and one that didn't appear menacing to her in particular. Considering her cruelty towards her as a pledge, it wouldn't surprise Sam that Chanel would be willing to kill her.

Sam's murder took place during the slumber party episode with Chanel and the rest of the group were locked in the house. However, Sam's death scene could also point fingers at Chanel #3.

7) Her apparent hatred of Grace.

This is the most important one. Honestly, Chanel practically hates all of her pledges, and Chanel #5, of course, but there is something about her reactions to Grace that is more severe than the others. If Grace's mother is the reason why Chanel's mother died in the bathtub after giving birth to her, then her motivation makes sense. Given that Chanel and Grace are the two lead girls, I can totally see them having a final showdown, considering that Grace is the suggested "final girl," a popular trend in slashers. Chanel would leave Grace for the end so she could kill the daughter of the girl who technically killed her mother, her final sweetest of prey. What makes sense about this too is that her surrogate mother Gigi is seducing Grace's dad Wes, therefore causing a rift between father and daughter.

Chanel often says that these murders started happening when Grace joined the Kappas, which is a clue that Chanel started these murders when Grace showed up. Grace also often accuses Chanel of being the Red Devil, even straight up telling her, "You're really making it hard believe that you are not the killer."

Now, we have to consider something about this though. Grace is an incoming freshman whereas Chanel is probably a junior or senior considering her presidential status and that she has clearly been attending the school longer. Even flashbacks prove this. If Chanel is the bathtub baby and Grace is the other sorority girl's baby, the age difference there is correct. Chanel was born before Wes and the other sorority hooked up and Grace was born. However, it would have to be a few years later, but I'm not sure if that's how it happened.

I'll repeat what I said before: She's the one who explained the bathtub incident to our main character, Grace. In a very creepy storytelling fashion, I might add. This could've been her way of really starting to stick it to her.

Also, she's the one who reveals Grace's mother's identity to Grace. Perhaps sick of Grace thinking that her mother was her own, she was thrilled to throw this information at her. She also didn't know this about Grace until the "Mommie Dearest" episode, so this might be the final clue she needs to take her down.

8) Chanel is the ultimate sorority bitch, a perfect target for the Red Devil.

If the Red Devil is hell (pun intended) bent on revenge against the bitchy Kappa Kappa Tau sorority girls, especially the leader of said girls, given Chanel's position and how horrible she is and that Grace's mother was in the same position when the incident occurred back in 1995, wouldn't Chanel be the Red Devil's first target? In fact, with Chanel gone there would be no need to kill any other character. The other characters with no connection to the sorority would be spared and have nothing to do with it.

Chanel is still there, which suggests that she is the killer. It would be interesting to see the alpha mean girl as the killer. That is something we haven't really seen yet in slashers. The only time we really saw that was in Unfriended (2014). A popular mean girl killing everyone would add some freshness to it.

9) The "Waterfalls" song.

Random as all heck, but the song has some significance regarding Chanel's portrayer, Emma Roberts. In "Scream Queens", Grace's mother didn't want to help the bathtub baby's mother because she didn't want to miss the TLC song "Waterfalls" playing at the party, so therefore Chanel, if she is the bathtub baby, would hate the song. However, in the 2013 film We're the Millers, Roberts's character Casey loves the song. Murphy could throw this curveball in as a nod to Roberts's past work. I've always been making this connection.

10) "Dance with the Devil."

I have actually been wanting to bring this up and almost forgot to. In a flashback, the former Kappa Kappa Tau president Melanie Dorkess, another Red Devil possibility to me, is treating Chanel harshly. At one point she says to Chanel, "The next president of this house has to be to be willing to dance with the devil himself to keep this thing of ours going."

This is addressed to Chanel. And who is the next Kappa president? Chanel. That quote certainly foreshadows something.

Also, the Red Devil texts "So you want to dance with the devil?" to Chanel #2 before he/she kills her, which is another clue. Chanel #2 gets murdered by the Red Devil right after she proves difficult to Chanel during the blood oath scene right before. Coincidence?

Now, there are also reasons that disprove my theory of Chanel's guilt, and they are:

1) What's throwing me is the fact that she was attacked by the Red Devil before, like I say in point #4. Unless this attack was staged or legitimate because she wasn't cooperating with the others in some way...

2) Kappa Kappa Tau is clearly important to her, so why would she destroy her legacy as the president because of revenge? Unless this was her plan all along, to destroy the sorority from the inside. But then, why doesn't she just team up with Munsch to get rid of the sorority instead of opposing her? Wouldn't that be easier than killing everyone?

But wait. She would still hate Munsch because Munsch was involved with the bathtub incident. She covered it up and gave her mother an improper burial, so that might be where their mutual animosity lies as well. Munsch could dislike her for the very fact that she IS the baby, the baby that could reveal her as the college's ultimate scandal and Munsch's involvement in it, the baby that is out to get revenge on her, the baby that could ruin her...

Or...I could be over thinking this point.

3) Also, why would she kill all of these insignificant people anyway? Like those Roger and Dodger guys. What did they do to her? Just to cause fear? But she knows that Grace and Pete are constantly investigating it!

4) In a recent episode she detailed her family and her miserable relationship with her mother, so therefore she wasn't raised by Gigi and her mom didn't die in the bathtub. Unless she made all of that up...?

5) The mysterious Red Devil is now in scenes with Gigi, and if Chanel is in scenes with other characters simultaneously, it makes no sense that she is the third Red Devil because she can't be in two places at once.

6) Chanel is actually a very obvious choice, almost too obvious. It's easy to blame the meanest person in the show, but the points that I bring up might have been thrown into the show just to divert my attention from the true killer and accuse Chanel instead.

7) Even though it may make sense that Chanel could have committed any of these murders, there are still THREE Red Devils. Gigi and Boone have committed some murders as well, of course, so therefore they could've killed the people that I'm saying Chanel has killed. The fact that there are three Red Devils is an added stumper to throw people off, which is actually pretty clever writing. I didn't expect it.

8) It has also been speculated that some characters may not be really dead, like Hester for example, so therefore they are potentials as well. This is probably because we have seen Boone do it, so therefore we expect that maybe other characters are doing the same. Basically no character, dead or alive, is off limits. I recently found out that the next to last episode is called "Dorkus", which suggests that we may see the return of Melanie, which makes me suspect her slightly further. However, I'm not sure that Sam would suspect her.

9) (Addition made November 25, 2015 at 2:30/2:46 PM) Now that Hester is back, everything kind of changes. Her obsession with death, her resemblance to Boone, and the fact that she was one of the last people at the Kappa Thanksgiving table before the big reveal are all clues pointing to her. She could've very well have killed Gigi and that's why she was "late" to the Radwell Thanksgiving dinner. I've also read that people claim that she resembles Gigi as well. Sam might actually suspect her and Hester was the one to "find" her dead body. Also, the neck brace thing might be just an act to wheedle her way into the Kappa house when Munsch ordered the Kappas to accept any pledge. This could suggest that she and Munsch are in on it together somehow. The only thing is, like Chanel, she might be too obvious in her own way. (End of addition.) 

Ugh, still so many questions, but I think I'll stick with Chanel Oberlin as my official Red Devil prediction. She is clearly the main character and the face of "Scream Queens". She was even the main one featured in the teasers. It would be interesting to see the character we have been following this whole time as the killer. That would be a cool twist. We'll just have to wait and see what happens on the double episode season finale, airing December 8. If I see more clues pointing to Chanel in future episodes, I will add them to this blog post.

I put the Chanel #5 photo there for the thumbnail to throw you off. It's actually from an article explaining why SHE is the Red Devil, ironically enough. She could very well be the killer too.

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