Sunday, July 31, 2016

Celebrating My One Year Anniversary at Mighty Quinn's Barbeque! :D

That's right! This month, specifically July 13, marked my one year anniversary working at Mighty Quinn's Slow Smoked Barbeque!! :D

I worked the day of, so I decided to bring in cupcakes for my co-workers to celebrate! :D

Incidentally, that marker board in the kitchen and I have been very good friends lately. At the end of June, I had taken it upon myself to write positive, inspirational, happy messages on it anytime I have a shift to hopefully brighten people's moods when coming into work. Some people don't understand why I do it and some appreciate it. Not everybody has to go for it, but if my words make an encouraging impact on just one person (that day), then I have done my job. I just like doing it because I enjoy bringing joy to others. I like that I contribute this and it also fulfills something within me as a good deed in my own life by helping others. I took photos (of course) of some:

I came up with this one initially, but then found out that there are different versions of it, so this one is my own version. :)

I want to try to get photos of them as much as possible, but sometimes they get erased before I am able to. My very first one said:
Hey, you.
Yes, you.
You are AWESOME! :)  
Other ones have said:
Do you ever look at yourself in the mirror and think "Damn, I'm hot."? Well, you should. ;)
Hey, you sexy son of a gun! Keep walking with your head held high! :)   
When I do this, my co-workers usually ask me if I wrote it, because they know that I am the only person who would write something like that. lol

Basically, they know me well after one year. lol

I write things that I find funny or cute, or something that pertains to my current feelings. Some are inspirational quotes, whereas others are something cutesy that usually addresses the people who read them. They are usually followed up by a smiley face. lol

I thought I was going to be told to not do this anymore, because the marker board is originally supposed to be used for, you know, work stuff. And if so, by all means my messages should be erased for that reason. But everyone has seen my messages, including the owners, and nobody has said anything against me doing it. I think as long as I do my job in good time and not let my positive message writing take precedence over my other tasks, I'm good. :)

In fact, one of my managers recently acknowledged my marker board messages by saying that my personality is different.

Darn right. ;)

While I was working the register on my anniversary watching the then customers ordering their meats at the head end of the line and taking my position on the opposite end to check them out, I had an epiphany that that time last year (It was exactly 4:19 PM on the register. I checked because I wanted to know the specific time I was thinking this. Although, my training the previous year had ended at 4 PM now that I remember lol.) was my first ever day there, and now it was exactly a year later and we have come full circle. It felt so surreal. So much has happened in one year. This is the first part time job of mine that isn't writing related that has lasted this long and I have learned so much and grown as a person because of it. I am extremely grateful for what this job has done for me and for the great people with and for whom I work. :)

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