Friday, February 11, 2011

One on One Time with Actress Corinne Chandler

Hello faithful readers! Today (well rather this evening) I have a real treat for you.

Photo taken by me :)
You may recall that in both the Sweeney Todd and The Rimers of Eldrich parts of my series "Peak Performances and their Awkward Sexual Moments," I discussed the use of rape scenes in theater and how I don't think it is such a good idea to have the actual act portrayed onstage for it may affect audience members in a negative way.

It just so happens that this semester I am taking a class with Corinne Chandler (, a senior Acting major at Montclair State University, who played Eva in The Rimers of Eldritch in the L. Howard Fox Theatre, who if you remember is the young girl who was about to be raped by her counterpart Robert. I thought it would be interesting to get her point of view on the subject in a video interview. Plus, this is my very first video upload (that is my own video) to this blog. Yay visuals!

It was a pretty interesting discussion and Corinne makes a lot of good points. Enjoy! Click here to see the video.

Just as a side note: *Spoiler Alert* I keep referring to Corinne's scene as a "rape scene." This is not entirely correct. It is more so an attempted rape scene because Skelly comes to Eva's rescue before the deed occurs.

If you are in the Montclair area, please come check out Corinne and the rest of the cast of The Grapes of Wrath this upcoming March at the Alexander Kasser Theater at Montclair State University! We are all looking forward to it, Corinne! Click here for details: The Grapes of Wrath Tickets and Info.

Thanks again to Corinne for taking the time to speak with me! :)

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