Friday, February 25, 2011

Women's History Month Project Premiering in March

Writing and Theater are two main components that represent me and my life. A third component is Feminism. I have had a huge fascination with Women's Rights even since eighth grade when I wrote my very first term paper and chose to write about women's suffrage. I had no idea women had so many issues to get these rights and it is because of these women that I, a woman, am where I am today, and I am eternally grateful.

I treat Women's History Month as a holiday. Sometimes I put it up there with Christmas. Throughout the month of March I will be posting a brand new series I like to call "Real Influential Women Role Models (Real and Fictitious)," a project I began last year but it was too late to publish it because March 2010 had already passed. I then said to myself that I would prepare it for next March and had wondered where I was going to publish it once the piece was complete. At first I thought it would make a nice Facebook Note, but then I decided that one day I would create a blog for its publishing, for I figured that would be a better home for it. And here we are today. ;)

This new series consists of women I find to be pretty inspirational and I give explanations as to why I think so. They can be political figures, women in pop culture, female characters in literature or TV, or even cartoon characters. I will try to post at least one everyday, or every other day.

I may also post my take on other issues involving feminism today as well.

(Note: The photos I plan on using in this series aren't mine but are from other sites. Credit goes to their respective owners.)

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