Saturday, April 9, 2011

dis connect Promotional Video

Promotional Poster in Memorial Auditorium
During my sophomore year at Montclair State University I have befriended senior English and Theater Studies major Amanda Schott. She is the Assistant Director of the upcoming Peak Performance dis connect, which is a brand new original production, more specifically the senior BA Theater Studies project, about our use of technology. It is premiering in the L. Howard Fox Studio Theatre next Thursday. The idea for a play like this had to have happened sooner or later considering how technology is so prominent in our lives nowadays haha.

Because Amanda has been trying to promote the show via Facebook (ironically), I decided to help her by making this promotional video, starring Amanda herself. In it she discusses the background of dis connect, what she wants the audience to take with them from the performance, etc. Interestingly she talks about how our generation, Generation Y, is mainly affected by technology. I can vouch for that. Here I am promoting a production trying to convey that very message by using my Canon camera, MacBook Pro, Facebook, Blogspot, and YouTube.

Also, here is a preview of the show, which is discussed in my interview with Amanda. (Contains some choice language):

If you want more details, please check out this Facebook event. For even more details and ticket information, please click here.

If you are in the Montclair area, please come check out dis connect. Good luck to the cast and crew! It promises to be a very memorable show!

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