Saturday, April 2, 2011

FEMME Festival at MSU: The Feminism Celebration Continues!

Taken from the Femvolution: MSU Facebook Fan page

Lately I have been getting involved with a feminism organization on campus called Femvolution: MSU that prides itself in bringing more feminism awareness to Montclair State University. You can also check out their Facebook fan page and their Facebook group.

This week they are holding a week long festival of activities called the FEMME Festival that will be touching upon different things associated with women. I am going to use this post to notify you of what exactly will be happening this week.

FEMME Festival: The Fashion of Feminism

FEMME Festival: "don't need you" Film Screening + Discussion

FEMME Festival: Craftivism 101

FEMME Festival: Flirting with Burlesque Discussion Group

From what I hear, there are even more activities than what I posted here. If you are able to come to any of these, please do so!

*The following info was added Tuesday, April 5, 2011:*

Tuesday, April 5: A hippie morning after: eco-feminism and women's alt. health
2-3 p.m.: eco-menstruation (Drop-In Center)

Wednesday, April 6: 2:30-4: Lecture on sex work and media (Brantl, Dickson Hall)

Friday, April 8: Activism through action and the moving image
3-8 p.m.: Sin Cinema: a Night of Subversive, Gendered Film (Brantl, Dickson Hall)

Check out the article in The Montclarion for more information.

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