Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Heartwarming Animal Stories: Pup Helps Family Cope with Loss of Soldier

Oh my God! This story is beautiful!

I was watching 20/20 last Friday night, and this story and its continuation showed up. The story is that a soldier in his twenties stationed in Iraq, Justin, was killed in an explosion. However, he had sent his girlfriend back home photos of him holding a puppy from the night before. The puppies lived in a latrine close to where the soldiers were. After Justin's family discovered these photos and saw how cheerful he looked in them, they were determined to get the puppy. They succeeded, appropriately named her Hero, and she now lives with them in New Hampshire to this very day!

The story in its entirety is very depressing, but this puppy puts a positive swing on things. She is how Justin's loved ones are coping with his loss. Hero brings the canine term "man's best friend" to a whole new level.

The 20/20 segment concluded with this image of the dog. The family believes that this is some connection with Justin's spirit. Some people believe that it is merely a coincidence, such as something having to do with the camera's lens, with no spiritual connection, and that it isn't something to take seriously in regards to anything beyond this world.

I say, even it is coincidental, what is wrong with it having spiritual connection for people? The light shining on Hero in this photo has so much significance for the family. :)

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