Saturday, November 19, 2011

Real Influential Women Role Models (Real and Fictitious) SPECIAL EDITION: My Neighbor, Betty

Yes, I know it's not Women's History Month yet, but this post couldn't wait.

Today I attended a birthday party for my 100-year-old neighbor, Betty. I mean, she reached three digits! It's very rare that something like this happens, so she deserves a spotlight blog post.

This woman is one of my heroes, not only because she has lasted this long, but because she has lasted this long and remained healthy and strong doing it. She is known on the block as the woman who shovels the snow. This is New Jersey, so we get a lot of it.

My family and Betty at Betty's birthday party

When I was younger, I used to visit her and her now deceased husband Harold, whom she married when she was only nineteen, on their front steps while they were sitting outside. As I grew older, I didn't do it as much, and I feel kind of bad about that. Also, it's difficult to have a conversation with her because she is hard of hearing and struggles to speak. 

However, I want to learn from her. She has been around for 100 years! She has seen a century worth of history! She has seen the liberation of women and it's many stages. Imagine the stories she could tell me about her life journey. On the walls in her house there are black and white pictures of her around my age. That is just so amazing to think about. She was once in my position so many years ago and has lived through so much that I have yet to experience. I feel so young, so new, next to her, and I can't imagine being 100. It seems like such a stretch to me.

Betty has always been my inspiration and role model on how to live a long and prosperous life. I wish her all the best, to keep going strong, and a very happy birthday! :D


  1. what a beautiful tribute to my Grandma! thank you Stef and your mom and dad too for being our eyes on Grandma when we couldn't be there. So many times she told me the day your family moved in, she fondly remembers how your mom was holding you in her arms. you have been good neighbors and friends. may God bless you for your kindness. love, patty

    1. That is a very sweet memory! Thank you for your kind words! And you're very welcome as well! :D