Friday, January 7, 2011

Winter Break Project to be Posted Shortly

Greetings faithful readers! I hope you are enjoying the snow. :P

Starting Sunday or Monday I will begin posting a series of entries that I have been working on for a good majority of winter break. I am pretty proud of it and have worked very hard on it. I'll probably post one every day of the week instead of just posting two to spread it out because the entries are pretty lengthy. I apologize for the constant posts and lengthiness, but this is the only way to post them before I return back to school without bombarding you with two gigantic messages all at once. Some entries will be lengthier than others. I really hope you enjoy them!

The posts in this series have sexual content, so I ask you to proceed with caution. Perhaps this series is not for all viewers, but you the reader be the judge of that. However, I want to inform you that not all of my future posts will be this kind of content. This is just for the series.

Peak Performances is another name for theatrical shows produced by Montclair State University. As I was thinking one night (December 29, 2010) about the different Peak Performances that have occurred so far during my attendance at Montclair State University, a majority of them I have seen live, it has occurred to me that every show had something in common—awkward sexual tension. Though there is nothing wrong with a little hanky-panky behavior onstage, it is the context and delivery that makes it awkward and out there. Sometimes it is rather humorous, other times it is just plain uncomfortable. Never is there a time when a couple has sex or any activity in that range where it just seems natural and we just leave it as that. There is always additional weirdness going on. Now I am just going to limit this to the performances provided by the Department of Theatre and Dance at MSU, which involve MSU theater majors. Furthermore, this piece is definitely NOT a knock on anybody involved with these performances or the performances themselves, for I admire their abilities greatly, but rather the characters and situations they are portraying. Finally, last but certainly not least, it is only my opinion and I just decided to write about it. This is a series I like to call "Peak Performances and their Awkward Sexual Moments."

None of the shows I mention are playing at Montclair State University anymore, but if you plan on seeing these shows at other venues, I suggest you be careful when reading the series because I provide plenty of spoilers to get my points across. Enter at your own risk. 

Now without further to do, please join me as we take a trip down memory lane to commemorate these memorable moments.

First up, A Man of No Importance . :)

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