Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I want to take a brief reprieve from "Peak Performances and their Awkward Sexual Moments" to share some awesome news with you!

When I was younger I created a Facebook group to help raise awareness of the impending doom of the bookstore Borders closing and even included a petition to keep this from happening. I got a few signatures and even showed the petition to some Borders employees, who greatly appreciated it. However, as time went on, I didn't think that anybody looked at the group much anymore let alone know of its existence.

That being said, something pretty cool happened today. The people of Marketplace Public Radio actually found my SAVE BORDERS!!! group on Facebook and asked me to do a phone interview! Here I am mentioned in the article and you will be able to hear part of my interview as well!

It's nice when people acknowledge your hard work. It's a good feeling and I am proud of myself for what I have done. :D

Tomorrow "Peak Performances and their Awkward Sexual Moments" will resume with Side Show. :)

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